Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14th - Kira

Today in school we had music class and we got to watch an orchestra concert and sing together.  Then I had homeroom for 2 lessons and after that I went to go talk to the 5th graders during their English class.  They had questions ready to ask us in English and we asked them about some of their favorite things and their families.  Frau Steiner also taught them a little bit of Chinese.  It is only their first year speaking English but it is already so good!

When Marita and I got home we had homemade cherry pie and then her mom and I went to the visitors center to learn about Blieskastel's history while Marita was at practice.  We walked around the town looking at old businesses and houses and finding monuments on our map.  We had coffee with ice cream at a local Eiscafe and then we went home.  We played 3 games of Rummikub and I lost every time but it was still fun!  I also got to eat fresh chocolate bread and it was delicious! I am excited to see another village tomorrow and Marita's gymnastics competition on Saturday!